About the Owner

Sasha Averdick grew up on the beach in St. Augustine, Fl and has always had a flair for design. Forever drawn to beautiful fabrics, handmade items and eclectic spaces, Sasha’s affinity for interiors would have to wait. After earning a psychology degree from UNF,  Sasha took some time to stay home and raise a family. In due season, her children got older and Sasha found herself with some extra time. In the process of designing, building and styling her personal dream home, Sasha had a new perspective on design. She decided to open up Sea Forest Design. It would become a full-service design studio, defined by plant filled spaces, inspired by the sea. People find that they are attracted to her laid back, coastal aesthetic. She favors clean, understated looks that are fresh and brimming with natural light.


Melanie Anderson moved to St. Augustine in 2018, shortly after completing her degree in community health from UMD. She worked within her degree for three years as she also designed and renovated her home. Melanie’s passion for design grew as she was drawn closer to interiors, textures, and organically made materials. It became clear that interior design was where she was meant to be. With an eye for detail and a love for beautiful functionality, Melanie contributes to the vision behind Sea Forest Design.